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Equine Photopainting

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I photographed this beautiful horse for U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells. After the photo session, I transformed this piece into what you see below. Brooke was so pleased that she ordered a beautiful four-foot canvas gallery wrap.

dream ruff oil flat

Gina and Matt Married: Utah Wedding Photography at the Montage Hotel

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Gina and Matt were wed at The Montage Hotel in Park City, Utah. Working with these guys was so much fun and the wedding was beautiful, festive and full of love. The attention to detail and planning was perfectly done by Mood Events and Production, incredible flowers by the uber-talented Orchid Dynasty and special thanks to my assistant photographer David Daniels. Big congratulations to Gina, Matt and their families and wishing many years of happiness. Enjoy!


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Jaime and Prescott: Wedding Photography, The Grand America Hotel.

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Jaime and Prescott were recently wed at the exquisite Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.  The ceremony was expertly officiated by Salt Lake County mayor Ben McAdams and the reception was non-stop fun with great music, food and dancing. I’m thankful that I get to photograph amazing events like this! Soiree Productions did their usual smash-up job with planning this large event. Many thanks, as usual, to my second photographer David Daniels. Most of all, congratulations to Jaime and Prescott and their families!


001a_IMG_1032 001a_IMG_1073-2 002_IMG_1112-2 003_IMG_1124 004_IMG_1128-2 005_IMG_1135 006_dd_004 007_dd_007 008_IMG_1146-2 009_IMG_1170 010_IMG_1173 011_IMG_1184-2 012_IMG_1265 013_IMG_1321 014_IMG_1376-2 015_IMG_1387-2 016_IMG_1392 017__MG_3572-2 018__MG_3610 019_dd_247 020_dd_251 021_dd_258 022_dd_276-2 023__MG_3648 024__MG_3675 025_dd_337-2 026_dd_342-2 027_dd_343 028_dd_345 029__MG_3709 030_IMG_1473 031__MG_3739 032_dd_429 033__MG_3770 034__MG_3778 035_IMG_1554 036_dd_370 037_dd_464 038_dd_485 039_IMG_1602 040_IMG_1648 041_dd_595 042_IMG_1741 043_IMG_1745 044_IMG_1757 045_IMG_1758 046_IMG_1789 047_dd_767 048_IMG_1882


Kaitlin and Shaan: Indian Wedding Ceremony at the Stein Eriksen Lodge

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kaitlin and Shaan’s wedding weekend culminated with their Indian wedding ceremony at the, unparalleled Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah. I always love cultural affairs and the Indian wedding ceremony offers an event rich in color, flavor and tradition. This one was also full of great people and great love. Such an honor to be part of it and be able to document all the beauty. As usual, Soiree Productions did an amazing job orchestrating the whole weekend.


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